The discovery of SARS-CoV2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, created a crisis in the worldwide health care system. Not only is there a lack of necessary PPE (personal protective equipment) for hospitals and health care facilities, the extreme contagiousness of the virus coupled with the potential for an asymptomatic carrier to infect another person made-clear the need for an added level of protection for dentists, doctors, nurses, hygenists, other health care workers and patients.

What Does the IsoPro Chamber Do?
• Provides extra protection to minimize exposure to COVID-19 and other infectious respiratory diseases such as tuberculosis
• Is a portable, transparent, and negative-pressure isolation chamber
• Fits over the patient's torso and head
• Protects against exposure to toxic substances such as mercury inamalgam fillings

How Does the IsoPro Chamber Work?
The IsoPro Chamber provides easy access to the patient and works with commercially available air purification devices.
• Air purification devices fit into the chamber to provide clean air
• An outflow device pulls air out of the chamber into an air filter/purification device
• That device discharges clean air into the room while maintaining a negative-pressure environment inside the chamber
• Access holes in the chamber allow for diaphragmatic entry points and sleeved entry into the chamber
• The diaphragms and sleeves are disposable
• The chamber is easily sanitized to allow rapid turnover of operatories while still maintaining a safer environment